Review: Kristen Di Angelo

TER ID: 16940

Posted: September, 2012 by GOLDYGUY

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Session Location

Upscale Hotel

General Details

Very professional setup. Easy process with TER whitelisted status. Kristen was playful in her emails and I couldn't wait to see her. I arrived early and went to the corner store to pickup roses and water. A protein drink too! And I was going to need it! Kristen summoned me up and when the door opened, a very attractive and sophisticated lady welcomed me with a wide and bright smile and am unforgettable embrace. Kristen is a beautiful woman with a very deep spirit. I was immediately drawn in. Non-VIP's: if you want to be with a young girl that's still figuring it out, Kristen is not the choice. If you want to truly enjoy a remarkable sensual experience with a classy and sensual woman, Kristen is a must see lady! Highly recommended!

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