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TER ID: 304017

Posted: July, 2016 by FLYNTSTONE

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Kristal is very difficult to get a hold of doesn't answer text until the next day. She finally answered a week later Even though she post daily. She intentionally gives you the wrong hotel address I'm assuming this is her LE check lol.. When you tell her you are at the hotel she then gives you another hotel address down the street. She has to actually see you before she gives you the room location. When you enter the room there's a big black girl sitting on the couch watching you I'm not sure if she's her security, pimp or canine (pitbull) lol I should have turned around but I have to admit she has a killer physique. Kristal is definitely the girl in the pics except in person she wears no makeup her clothes seem old and dingy with a slight scent of cigarette smoke she has absolutely no sex appeal. Kristal insist that all the lights be turned on in the room even though its 5pm in the afternoon and the curtains are wide open. We get undressed and she leaves out the room to hide the donation I look up and the pitbull eyes are peircing through the door I should have left a long time ago but Kristal came back closed the door then the nightmare really began she is very inexperienced with absolutely no intention of pleasing basically she wants to frustrate you to the point you leave. Did I mention she turned on some horrible rap music on her phone and placed it by the pillow... definitely will not be repeating even though she's a cutie

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