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Posted: October, 2016 by RELICHUNTER

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I saw Kivina's ad and then consequently her website. Based on the pictures on her website, she is clearly a beautiful

Girl. I checked out her reviews here on TER and they were all very consistent. I decided

to contact her. I filled out the information form on her website, and then followed up with an email to her as well. She responded within a couple minutes. We set a time for the next day. She asked me to email an hour to an hour and a half before a meet time to confirm. I did that, she confirmed and within an hour and a half I was knocking on her hotel door. When she opened the door, I was blown away by her beauty. She had a nice short tight black dress on, and immediately gave me a nice hug and kiss with tongue. I wanted her immediately, but restrained and asked her if I could shower real quickly (by the way, that was the fastest shower I ever took) She is the type of girl that you want to do everything right for her, not just the other way around. Her photos were spot

On. Non-members, she is one you do not want to miss. Members read on.

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