Review: Kitty Rains

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Posted: May, 2016 by GQMAN42

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I had a meeting in Las Vegas and I was super busy this trip but I always try and seek out my favorites and build time to play. I had recently seen a string of ladies who have been in the porn industry and I wanted to stay with that theme on this trip. Ironically I was out in Las Vegas at a work meeting during the AVN’s several months ago and I had wanted to see Kitty Rains then, but we were not able to connect on that trip; but this time it would be different.

Kitty Rains is a porn star from Australia and I have seen women from all over the world and all different nationalities, but I have never met an Aussie woman until now. I had viewed a few of Kitty’s videos in the past and one “Glory Hole” video really captured my fancy.

I sent Kitty a request and she got back to me pretty quick and we had several friendly email exchanges. I knew after my response that she would be a woman I would love to meet. Kitty said she would love to get together and she has got to be one of the nicest ladies I have met in Vegas.

On the afternoon of our date Kitty showed up on time at my hotel, but I had to meet her downstairs because the hotel required a key card to access the elevator. Not a problem. Kitty is easy to spot from a mile away because she has very big black hair, great figure and she is covered in tats. However, for our date she was dressed in a very beautiful bright yellow cocktail dress, heels and her makeup and hair were done to perfection. I love ladies who take the time to glam up a little before a date and Kitty did not disappoint me. She looked hot and classy at the same time and was exactly the type of PS MILF I wanted to see.

As I worked toward her she knows exactly who I was and greeted me with an enthusiastic hug and kiss in the hotel. We headed up to my room and had a drink before we started anything.

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