Review: Kitty Rains

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I had reached out to a friend and other people in the boards asking for a recommendation for specific things. Kitty's name popped up. I asked a good friend about her and he had never seen her but had heard enough to be like yeah she will the kind of girl you like. I was skeptical at first so I did my research and well I was intimidated because here I was about to reach out to a Pornstar and provider at the last minute. I was not expecting anything to tell you he truth. PMd her and immediately replied even when I was so nervous I messed up the first PM and send it too short. She kept very good communication and I ended up seeing her last minute and at a later hour of the night. I had read other reviews while she came to me. She had these pictures of her in her site that Wowed me. I knew to expect a provider around my age, with some Ink and alternative look. She showed up early in a dress to make her not "stand" out, but there is no hiding those curves and her MILF look. VIPs read on, If you are looking for the hot MILF next door or a hot woman then see her and treat her well.

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