Review: Keyla Keys

TER ID: 127534

Posted: December, 2016 by EXLURKER2003

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Long Island

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I have been flirting with Keyla for many years. She always indicated she wanted to come to Long Island (especially since her friends Esmeralda and Cherie) used to visit here on a regular basis. The years passed and she finally took the plunge, offering a ‘first visit to Long Island’ discount, which she posted on the NY TER board. I contacted her to set it all up and she remembered all our email and phone conversations throughout the years, and expressed her excitement at finally getting together. She canceled the first week’s plans and rescheduled for the week before Thanksgiving. It all worked out. I got to the hotel and Keyla was ready. I knocked on the door, and when it opened and closed behind me, there was Keyla...

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