Review: Kelly Kiss

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Posted: January, 2016 by PEAK7

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Session Location

Breckenridge, CO

General Details

Kelly's pictures speak for themselves, so I knew she had a beautiful body. The only thing I hadn't seen is her face. I opened the door to a stunning smile and gorgeous eyes. As pretty and cute as I could imagine, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised.

Even in her tight jeans and halter top, I could see that she had the model's body I had seen in her pictures. 5'8" of slender perfection. Prominent against her slim frame were her perfectly rounded behind, and breasts that pushed her halter top up and out in the most enticing way. Legs forever. And all of this in light brown/caramel skin that made for an exotic combination with her sexy blond streaked hair.

Truly, to my taste, a once in a lifetime beauty that captivated me the entire time, and I could look at forever.

As sweet as she is pretty, I was at ease with her immediately, and enjoyed talking with her as much as looking at her (OK, that's a lie, but almost as much).

Already an obvious winner,(the 10 ratings are no exaggeration) but for those who care to read on, it gets even better. For those who don't, I'll give away the ending; I will see this young lady again. There is no way I would or could not see her again.

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