Review: Kayla Kat

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Posted: January, 2018 by SPIDERMAN84

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Session Location

West Las Vegas

General Details

It was my birthday. I figured why not celebrate with someone special. Kayla was that women I wanted to celebrate with. Visited her a few months ago. I went through the screening process. She remembered me. I remembered how sweet she was to me.

She arrived at my location. Looked great as usual. She brought me a birthday card with a balloon. That was so nice of her. She remembered my face.

We sat down, talked, and caught up with everything. It was great talking to her. She took the gift. After talking for about 10 minutes we started to kiss and decided to go for the races.

She went in the bathroom as I lay under the blankets. I set the room up with a lot of candles and turned off the lights. It looked so romantic.

After a few minutes, she came out in white lingerie.

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