Review: Kayla Kat

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Posted: October, 2017 by AZGENTLEGIANT

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This was my first time venturing out into the hobby while in Vegas. From previewing things online before my trip I was overwhelmed. Tons of providers. How do you choose and choose well at that? I did plenty of homework and glad that I did. I actually had a date set with another provider a week out from my trip. But she cancelled due to personal reasons while I was in the airport waiting for my flight to Vegas. Fortunately, I had several in my "favorites" as backups. Kayla responded quickly as did several others. I am so glad that I went with Kayla! We had an amazing time. She is smoking hot and friendly. Her face is beautiful, her body....well, you simply must find out for yourself. I had asked Kayla to entertain me with a role play and begin our 2 hour date in the hotel lounge. She showed up perfectly on time in the role. She was dressed modestly, nothing that would turn heads, but her beauty was obvious.

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