Review: Jessica Rockefeller

TER ID: 139671

Posted: April, 2017 by ROSCOERULES

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S. Nashville

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I set up the date by phone. The phone is handled by Candace who is a complete dingbat. I thoroughly believe Jessica losses business because of the incompetence of Candace. The first time I called Candace was shopping and said she would call back. Never did. The second time I called Candace was busy and asked if I could call back. I said no she had to take the appointment or I was moving up to a professional. Candace took the information and set the appointment for later that evening.

So the 2-call process arrive at a decent apartment complex and then phone Candace and she provides the Apt#....So I arrived and called and no answer, 20 minutes no answer. She finally answered and apologized and said her phone was in the other room. WTF? Total BS. The date was further delayed because Candace forgot to tell Jessica about the date (unbelievable!!). I finally got in but the whole experience was tainted by the dingbat.

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