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Posted: January, 2024 by CARPEDIEMER

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I have visited Pink Angel a bunch of times and I always have a good time. This visit was no exception.

First I should just say, the basics here are best in borough as far as I can tell. Great phone operators (probably because there are several, or so it seems to me), great space. Discrete entry and exit. I have never bumped into another guest here, which sadly I cannot say for most of the other most popular places that I like to visit.

Jasmin is one of those girls that when I see her I was thinking yep, this girl does go to the gym regularly! If you saw her photos, especially the new ones posted recently, you may know what i mean.

She said hi in her low key way (native English speaker which came in handy later).

I usually stick with Asian providers because in my experience their service is almost always the best. However, I do have to say that I think Jasmin, in this case, is the exception to that rule.

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