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I was anxious when I got to the apartment intercom. The sky was growing darker, the air was getting heavier, and my glasses kept sliding off my face as I sweated in the heat. I hastily fumbled through my pockets to check my phone for the intercom code she had texted me. We had sent a several flirty emails back and forth after a straightforward verification, and they managed to get me very excited but still...

Today is the day, and my mind had an endless stream of random thoughts taunting me - this was my first provider, I'm sexually inexperienced, I had work the next day, did I leave the stove on, will she like the wine I brought, my cat needs fresh litter, how the fuck did I talk myself into doing this, etc., etc., etc.

So I found the phone (eventually) and misdialed the intercom code about three times before a middle aged but fit lady who happened to be going out for an evening jog was kind enough to let me in.

"You're not some kind of serial killer are you?" she said jokingly with a headphone in one ear.

I entered the lobby, sheepishly nodded, and stuttered a meek denial in response as she closed the stylishly-minimal glass door behind her.

"Fuck, she knows" I thought to myself.

I knew I was just being paranoid yet I couldn't help but BE paranoid. My mind was becoming exhausted with torment, and I had begun to wish I had never sent that initial booking email.

I got to the door and hesitated for about a minute.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

The door opened, I stepped in, and soon I found myself lost in the eyes of a beautiful Latina with a disarming smile, cute face, slim waist, and a big behind.

My anxious apprehensions instantly evaporated into nothingness, and base lustful desires immediately took their place.

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