Review: Jane / Sexy Red

TER ID: 248889

Posted: July, 2016 by ANEAGLESFAN

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Session Location

Omaha - My Hotel

General Details

Was in town on business and looking for some company as I ended up at the hotel sooner than expected. Tried a couple providers and Jane was available. On the phone Jane seemed sleepy or slower, ie the pace of her spoken words. I ignored it chalking it up to me over thinking it. I jumped in the shower and she was only 15 min away.

She got here into the room and I could tell something had her nervous. I explained to her about what white listing is on TER, where I normally see providers, and then she asked if she was my first provider. I thought maybe she meant in the area, but no even after all that she was asking overall.

So we spent 15+ minutes with her talking random topics and not being able to get the session started. Then she leaves early. Most of her other reviews are really good so I can't figure out what happened here. I'm trimmed and freshly showered so shouldn't have been hygiene. She was just way, way, off her game. Hopefully whatever the issue is was a one time deal, would hope the rest of you get the experience her other reviews suggest. This was too much for me to consider a repeat.

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