Review: Heidee

TER ID: 163555

Posted: January, 2017 by WILLANDRICK

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Session Location

San Clemente

General Details

I hooked up again with Heidee. The last time her and I got together was back in 2011. I was on my way to San Diego for some business, and I remember that Heidee was in San Clemente. I looked up her ad and found it. Gave her a call and set up an appointment with her. At first she didn't remember me, but then I start recalling some of the things that we did during our session 6 years ago, then she remembered me. I went to her place, when I got there she hugged and kissed me like long lost lovers. We caught up on each other's life. Then we went to the bedroom and the fun began. I will say this I won't wait another 6 yrs before seeing her. I will repeat sooner.

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