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Session Location

Nice hotel around Hartford area.

General Details

Easy scheduling. Some light screening required but nothing involving private information. (For those of you giving people your LinkedIn or social media accounts, you really need to stop. It's a threat to yourself and makes things worse for everyone else.) Session started on time at a nice hotel. Hotel room was clean. Smelled like a normal hotel room, no odors, nothing clinging to my clothes when I went home. Multiple clean towels ready to go in the bathroom. Everything was neatly organized in the room.

She opened the door looking okay. Not nearly as hot and young as her pics, and not wearing much makeup, but still attractive. The pics on their website are at least 10 years old, but she's still an attractive woman in person. Although the room smelled normal and she smelled fine, when you get close you can smell lingering cigarette smoke on her. Not much, but it's there. It did not linger on my clothes but it did get on my skin a bit, though I think the shower I took after took care of it.

She was very nice and welcomed me in. She showed me to the bathroom and said she'll wait for me while I take a shower. When I came out of the bathroom she was on the bed naked playing with phone. She smiled and the fun began. I will repeat some time, but I think the cost is too high considering the difference between the pictures and what you actually get.

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