Review: Goddess Jezebel and Queen Bia

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Posted: January, 2012 by NYST8TOFMIND

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Gents - I can die in peace. Throw me a wake, enjoy the Grey Goose, the Blue and the Veuve, come piss on my grave the next day and when you speak of me, and you will, be kind. I am curious - what percentage of men hobby, and out of that, what percentage enjoy a duo, and out of that, what percentage enjoy a duo with twins? How can one not, how can YOU not, take advantage of the best duo team on the planet? End of the year means bonus time means extra discretionary income means Happy New Year to me! I had seen both individually before, so when they offered up a night together I had to take the plunge. You've read it all before gents and all I can say is that time with them is the stuff of legends. I'll need physical therapy to recoup! Non VIPs you're fools not to. VIPs ...

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