Review: Gabrielle Le Bon

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Posted: August, 2015 by JOHN9856

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San Francisco

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I was in San Francisco for a business trip and set up a get together with Gabrielle and during the set up process she was very sweet over text messages and that started the communication with her with a flare. Part of the enjoyment for me is the actual interaction with a woman I have never met and finding out which direction to go with conversation and enjoying the journey with someone from start to finish, this encounter never felt like business it felt like planning a trip together. Gabrielle is very sweet and easy to talk to, she made me feel special from the first communication until she departed for home at the end of our get together. When she knocked on the door by this time I was like a teenager and felt anxious to finally see her, she did not disappoint she is tall, dark and very attractive just like her pictures. She also knows how to hold herself so she was very eye catching all the way into the room, actually walked like a model. My heart was pounding as was sat and discussed her travel and my travel to San Francisco and we had a drink while stretched out on the bed. She was so sexy I was really nervous to talk, however she made that easy after a few minutes, she treated this like my special night and that was truly awesome and exactly why I decided to have this encounter to have the full date experience and not just a quickie.

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