Review: Dita

TER ID: 326675

Posted: May, 2017 by BILLTORSE

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Another great booking from this agency. They are spot on and as always did not disappoint. I really appreciated being able to contact via email. This made for an efficient booking. Dita was available as requested. No screening required (I had used agency before, but was never screened initially). I arrived in town and was emailed the location on the morning of our session, which was in the AM. I found Dita's flat without a problem. It was a large flat, and clearly there were other providers using the location with multiple bedrooms, but I did not see anyone else and it felt very private. Dita answered the door in a dress. She was without a doubt a stunning young person. Much more electric than her photos. She led me downstairs to her room. I took a quick shower and the fun began. Non VIPs run to her, VIPs read on...

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