Review: Desire Drea

TER ID: 262649

Posted: January, 2018 by SOULBOSS

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Session Location

Las Vegas Strip

General Details

This wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen Drea, and there is no way it will be the last. Every time I make it to Vegas and get the pleasure of spending some time with this enchanting goddess, I am taken away to a magic place. Our most recent visit was no exception. I let Drea know that I was going to be making my way into town, and we coordinated our schedules to find time spend together.

In my experience Drea is a dream date for any occasion, whether it’s a fun few hours staying in, a full night on the town or even more. You can find some women with beauty, and some with class, some who are funny and others who can carry on an intelligent conversation. Drea’s the only one I’ve ever met who effortlessly combines all these things into a sexy package that has to be seen to truly be believed. With Drea, each meeting is a new experience that never gets old and instead seems to evolve into a new adventure.

From the second my plane touched down at McCarren, I had Drea on my mind, and she did not leave my mind all day. We were planning to get together for a few hours, but no matter how much time I spend with her, it never seems like enough time. Drea has a special quality that makes her stand out. Call it grace, call it class, call it whatever you want but there is an undeniable It factor that she fills any room that she enters with. Drea let me know she was on her way, and at that point, my thoughts went from dreaming of Drea to eager participation. Drea showed up at my door, dressed in a classy dress, heels with perfect hair, fantastic makeup looking like the glamorous goddess that she is. Unlike many girls you have seen in Vegas, who do everything they can to make their pictures show them in the best possible light, Drea looks exactly how she looks in her pictures. She came into the room, we both smiled, embraced and knew that true fun awaited. And my god, what fun we had!

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