Review: Claire RietVeld

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Posted: May, 2017 by KL69069

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Claire is a wonderful provider, lover, and woman. She has all the attributes I look for, and spending time with her is the highlight of my trips to New York. She puts the “girlfriend” in “girlfriend experience.”

I first saw Claire multiple times in 2015. Since then, my trips to New York have been less frequent and briefer. I’ve tried to schedule her a few times since, but we couldn’t find mutually convenient times. Finally, in the spring of 2017, Claire and I were able to reconnect. My date with her was awesome, perhaps better than our earlier dates. She has great photos on her website and looks even better in person—maybe even a little better than I remembered. She’s about 5’4” and roughly 110 lbs. with an all-natural, ink-free body and natural blonde hair. Her legs are shapely and smooth, and her breasts are just right for me.

Once we were finally able to find a good day and time, everything else fell into place easily. Claire is personable and communicative and uses email for early messages. I took a short Uber ride to the corner near her place, texted her, and was invited up. I walked up some steps carrying a chilled bottle of white wine and knocked on her door.

Claire opened the door and looked absolutely stunning. She has an extensive collection of high-end lingerie, which accents her beauty perfectly. As I hoped, she wore the long, white, rather transparent robe from her website with taupe heels. She smiled, said “Hello,” and gave me a light kiss. I pulled her toward me and kissed her more passionately. Then I stepped back to admire her revealing attire. Claire has lovely C-cup breasts that are perfect for my taste—and perfect to taste. The fabric clung enticingly to her curves. I put one arm around Claire’s waist and gently brushed her breast with my other hand. I could feel her nipple respond as she moaned faintly. I wondered if Claire might be getting wet between her shapely legs and soon found that to be the case,

For the non-VIP audience, Claire seems to be a bit under the radar, but is one of the prettiest, classiest, and most sensual women in New York. Her rates are very reasonable for her area. Go see her! For the VIP members, read on ….

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