Review: Claire RietVeld

TER ID: 248824

Posted: November, 2022 by CARAMEL248

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Was able to schedule a meetup with Claire before she checked out on her last day in town; she's very accommodating with working to find what fits best for your schedule. We set up a morning session, not crazy early but prior to when most people start their workday, and I was appreciative she fit me in early. It's not a huge difference, but after seeing providers in the evenings until now, a morning one was a cool change up. The night before she sent me her booking info and room number so I could head straight up on the day of, and when I knocked I was greeted by an incredibly gorgeous blonde, with Claire wearing a fuzzy nightie and trendy boots. Not only is she an absolute sweetheart of a woman, I could tell from the start she is all class (her accent is also crazy sexy), and she aims to please to the highest degree.

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