Review: Chloe Carter

TER ID: 155020

Posted: November, 2016 by COWBOY51

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Session Location

My hotel in Herndon

General Details

I was visiting the Dulles area a couple weeks ago and decided to take the plunge and see Chloe Carter as it isn't often that my schedule allows me to see a women of Chloe's reputation. Set up was easy with her assistant Toni, who did a great job of coordinating things for us. Chloe was able to visit me at my hotel in Herndon, but arrived 20 min late. She was a bit taller and heavier than I could make out from the reviews and pics on her website, but it was definitely her with a pretty face and beautiful smile. I think she has gained some weight since her last photo shoot; I would call her athletic, possibly average.

Chloe went right to work unpacking her candles, music, toys, etc and talked constantly about nothing much of anything. Then she was ready to go and we shed our clothes and hopped on the bed.

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