Review: Chasity / Meloney

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Posted: August, 2017 by YELLOWWOLF

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So I been trying to see Meloney for years, she is really super cautious. For me personally, its been a task because Its been years in a making for me to just see her. But anyways long story short I finally got to see her. She was pleasant on the phone and I had to talk to her like I was walking on egg shells, extra polite but not over doing it. She gave me the address. Went to her spot told me the floor to go too. I am thinking she was watching me from the window coming out of the car (i am assuming) because when I went to the floor she told me to wait. Which I did. She finally gave me the room # and finally went it. Overall, I am glad I finally got to see her. She gave me good time and I would repeat. I would give her a thumbs up.

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