Review: Chasity / Meloney

TER ID: 158856

Posted: August, 2017 by SEVEN0821

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Meloney was recommended to me by someone with similar taste. After doing my research, I figured I'd attempt to set up a meeting. For weeks, I could not get in touch with her. She kept visiting the area, and once I googled her number and search images, I was able to see pictures of her blurred face. These led me to reach out to some bros on TER to figure out how did they get in contact with her.

The stars aligned and we met. She is for sure the girl in the photos. She's very cautious but smart about it. Some what business like but nothing to crazy. I definitely recommend in that if you like the pics, you won't be let down. I won't visit regularly but when will if she's the best advertising.

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