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TER ID: 159516

Posted: March, 2012 by KAMOGAWA

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I hadn't met with a provider for several years, but I found myself at a place in my life where I was too busy with other things to date, so I thought I would test the waters.

I was intrigued by everything that I read about Charlie. She doesn't have the most reviews on TER, but her web site describes her as something different, and indeed she is. In all the best ways.

I contacted her, and after a little bit of screening and some back and forth to find a good time (we are both students), we finally agreed to meet at a fashionable Manhattan hotel.

I knew right away when I met her that I had made the right decision. She is very pretty, and very much the bohemian. Her bangs are cute, her dreadlocked hair slightly exotic and fierce, and her milky skin and easy smile disarming. The pictures on her website really don't do her justice.

The floppy red boots and black flower-print sun dress completed the look, and I knew I had a winner.

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