Review: CharlietheGirl

TER ID: 159516

Posted: August, 2012 by ILAAT36D

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Was looking for something different; a natural girl. Searched TER (thank you) narrowing the search. Charlie popped up, with not too many reviews. Reached out to her prior via email, she responded within a few days as she was traveling for the summer. You know how you get the sense via email that it will work out? That's the sense I got with Charlie. She and I have some things in common, so I took a chance. Am glad I did! For those non-TER members, would recommend her, especially if you are looking for something different...Right at the appointed time, Charlie knocked on my hotel room door. Opening slowly, I let her in, and she was dressed/looked exactly as I expected - bohemian, with a touch of naughtiness...Gave her a quick hug, and she excused herself to go into bathroom, ...she came out and..

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