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Posted: November, 2016 by CHOICESVITAL

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I found out about her from another providers website. Followed her reviews here and decided to connect. I prefer reaching out first via email where possible and she qualified my preference mode of communication to start with. We exchanged 19 emails back n forth before my schedule and her schedule matched out. It was more of my schedule that was kind of tight lately but finally we got to connect. I already knew where I was headed so just reached on time and texted her of my arrival. Waited few minutes in the car before she texted back with confirmation for her to walk over.

On arrival Catherine opened the door. She carries a very nice welcoming smile on her face. Pleasing enough to make you comfortable from the moment you arrive. She was dressed in a blue slip on for lack of words. While I did not receive a hug at the door probably I got busy taking off my shoes before even she could approach to hug me :-)

She already made me aware that she is dealing with an ankle twist but would be able to provide her services if I am comfortable. I readily accepted felt she was open and transparent sharing her twisted ankle situation.

She took me to her room and I ended up asking her to sit and don't stand unnecessarily unless required as she had a small wrap around her right ankle. She was few weeks into her recovery. I ended up spending almost 15 minutes talking to her about what or how it happened. She is a very good person to talk to. I enjoyed my conversations before we got comfortable to get the session started..

I must say she is a darling of a person to spend quality time with.. She is open to talk and share on almost any topic you touch on. While she does not forget the fact how to deliver best quality service promised or rather exceed your expectations from that perspective. I ended up reminding her when we were at the top of the hour but she corrected me we had 15-20 minutes more together as she does not count the first 15 minutes of our conversations to be part of my session time. This gesture shows her level of honesty towards her profession and ensures client satisfaction via no rush tone.

I have already visited her again and try to get another appointment with her but it's always tough to match both of our schedules..

She is truly worth th visit as long as you know her limits from her website offerings. She is a pleasure and almost a girl next door you would like to just talk to while enjoying all the other perks!

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