Review: Bianca

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Posted: March, 2024 by JACK_WILSHIRE

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Outcall - LV Hotel

General Details

This was my first time meeting Bianca. I was scheduled to be in Vegas for a Monday morning business meeting following Easter Sunday. Feeling a bit down about being on the road and alone for the holiday and not being a gambler, I thought I would arrange for some company.

I am very particular about the company I keep, so with a fair amount of research, I thought Bianca would be a good match. I reached out to her about a week in advance via her website. A few emails later we were confirmed to celebrate Easter together. From initial communication to our meeting, Bianca’s communications were prompt and clear. It was very easy to work out details.

As promised in our email exchange, she reached out via text approximately 36 hours in advance of our date. I shared my hotel reservation details. Just my luck, it was a favorite of hers and she shared a few ideas on where we could meet up. We were like-minded about the top choice, a cozy wine bar nearby.

I arrived a few minutes early to secure us a spot, letting Bianca know where I was and what I was wearing to avoid the awkward search amidst a crowd. She returned the favor. A few minutes later, I was greeted by a classy and beautiful woman exactly as described and shown in photographs.

Big smiles by both of us and a warm embrace like old friends. Over a few glasses and shared appetizers, we had a very relaxed and casual conversation across a wide array of topics, real estate, sports, music, travel, etc. This was exactly the elixir that I needed to cure what I thought might be a lonely holiday on the road.

As we finished our latest round, she suggested that we go explore and explore we did. Once back at my suite, we opened a bottle of JP, enjoying the view of Las Vegas.

Bianca is fantastic. Highly recommend. Treat her well.

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