Review: Angelina Cruz / Jaylene Jaxon

TER ID: 302688

Posted: April, 2015 by YOUNGEXECPRO

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*cue celebratory dance* I've been wanting to see this divine Brazilian goddess for a while now, since watching her reviews has been priapism inducing, but I needed to wait on the proper time before I took the plunge. She let me know as soon as she was able to see me, as we had been in correspondence since she first started. Very nice of her to keep me in the loop, she could tell that I was excited to meet with her.

Non VIP guys, she's fucking beautiful. Beautiful legs, perfect tits, that ass was on point, and she is actually very intelligent and pleasant to be around. She really knows that she's a complete package, but she's very non-threatening at the same time. She's what you get when you want something "different" but still conventionally beautiful and exceptional at being a provider.

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