Review: Allison Funali

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Posted: November, 2017 by BENHASTINGS

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Her home

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If you like mature, real women, Allison Funali is amazing! I made initial arrangements by text. I found Ali likes to schedule things at least a couple of days ahead. At the time of our appointment, I went to a local landmark and then called for final directions to her nearby home. Everything was very convenient to the highway. Her home offers a pretty private setup with lots of fencing. The driveway faces the back of an apartment complex. The way its situated, there's no reason to worry about nosy neighbors or prying eyes. It's a small home that needs a little work outside, but, was very clean inside with no dirt, smoke or bad smells. It felt warm and cozy — lived-in in a good way. It was a very comfortable place to be.

I've tried a few times to hook up with escorts over the years and they flaked each time. So, this was my first time ever actually with an escort. I'm not the nervous type, but, I was an absolute nervous wreck. However, Allison's sweet voice on the phone guiding me to her home quickly relaxed me. Once inside, she greeted me with a hug and a warm kiss that made me feel completely at home in her embrace. Some of the photos are a little dated. She's not 20. But, she doesn't claim to be and I wouldn't want her to be. For those whole truly value REAL women, she's the REAL deal. Very warm, very encouraging and will make you feel good about yourself.

...Stay tuned for details, but, have no hesitation in calling Allison Funali!

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