Review: Alisha

TER ID: 10839

Posted: February, 2018 by FCCAB

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her hotel

General Details

Her positive reviews are not misleading. Alisha is a lady who has the single sexiest quality of all, genuine enthusiasm.

Met at a hotel near a small town some distance from the city. She sent me the address and her phone number, I called when I got there and she met me at the (side) entrance. She was dressed (my request) at first. She really is a spinner, most noticeable when standing up - I towered over her, and I'm sure I could have lifted her up with one hand. Pictures are accurate (although in real life her face isn't blurred out, it's definitely her), long brown hair, pretty girl next door looks (she is apparently from this region originally, go figure), I didn't notice any makeup.

I had had one previous meeting with a different provider, where I had suffered newbie nerves/anxiety and was therefore not able to do everything I would have liked (not her fault); because of this, I requested a two hour meeting to relieve some time pressure (and explained why), which Alisha provided without problem. We started by just sitting and talking for a bit, just to relax and get comfortable. I must say that it worked; this was an anxiety-free meeting with a wonderful lady.

Two hours was a great time for me; we were active almost the entire time, with occasional breaks for water and such. Definitely worth it and I will definitely see her again.

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