Just had my first experience with a provider...
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...and it was an amazing experience! Since I was really nervous about this first encounter in the "hobby" I made sure to become a VIP member on TER to read reviews on each provider in my area. After hours of research I finally made the call (or email) and to my surprise, and got a quick response. Despite having no prior references (except for a lengthy telephone conversation), she agreed to make a date. I am very thankful that she was a good judge of character because it was a once in a lifetime experience.

So my question(s) for all you hobbyists/providers is:

Is it normal to not want to see any other providers since I felt so comfortable with this provider my first time? Am I selling myself short as a hobbyist by not experiencing any others? Keep in mind my experience was with one of, if not the best San Diego has to offer :)

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


or at least that is what I thought.  History has proved me wrong and happily so.  Would you have the same meal every night?  Watch the same movie?  I think not.  Yes, I have the ladies whom I return to like a bee to sniff their pollen, but I also like to check out new flowers.  Each woman has her special qualities, and each needs to be savored and enjoyed.

You will be glad of it later.

You can still see the same gal now and then, or have her as a regular while still seeing others.  This is not civie dating - the rules are clear, no strings means no strings.

You run the risk of getting too attached if you only see one gal, so don't let that happen to you.  Nothing but trouble comes from that kind of thing.

become attached to your first provider.  Just don't let it get away from you.  As a newb, you need to see others, soon!!!!!  There are many quality ladies out there, you will feel comfortable with many of them.  Don't get fixated on one lady, it will only lead to heartache for you, trust me, I know.


Kinda like losing your virginity! :) Have fun bsd!

also cures the dreaded "help I've fallen for a provider and can't get up" syndrome. BTW, lots of great providers in San Diego, there's no need to continue seeing who ever this lovely provider might be. And once you've sport fucked your way thru San Diego, head north up I#5, plenty of great providers in the OC. And after you conquer the OC, try LA, enough provdiers in LA, you could sport fuck for a year and never see the same provider twice. Good luck

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then after 1 year of sport fucking in LA, head north up to I# 15 toward Las Vegas and then jackpot, all worldwide providers tour there...America's capital of sport fucking.

Just avoid San Francisco if you don't want to be sport fucked in the ass...
And forget about San Diego, you get bored there in 2 days!

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Haha I am already doing my research for my trip to Vegas at the end of June. Should be a great trip! :) Thanks again for the advice.

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Thank you all for your input. I will definitely take all of your advice and experience what else is out there. I'm glad that I found this site, because there is so much valuable info for newbies like myself.

I'm new to the hobbyist game as well.  I was actually looking for a provider to setup a routine visit with.  The first 2 I visited were awful and I seriously thought all providers were going to be like that, so I considered not seeing anymore.  Boy am I glad I saw one more!  She was a little higher price wise than the others but you get what you pay for and she was outstanding.  I know the next time will be even better because we will both be at ease from the get go.

Let me put it this way, guys that golf, some like to play the same golf course over and over because of the comfort and familiarity of it.  Others like changing courses all the time for the mystery and intrigue.  It comes down to individual preferences.

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That is what I was most worried about so I went with the most highly reviewed provider i could find and everything I read in the reviews were accurate. I just hope she didn't set the bar too high. I'm looking forward to finding out though!p

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Is it the French girl? If yes indeed the bar is very high!
Good luck .

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That is what I was most worried about so I went with the most highly reviewed provider i could find and everything I read in the reviews were accurate. I just hope she didn't set the bar too high. I'm looking forward to finding out though!p

but do not be surprised if the attentin wanes after a bit & you'll have to put up with poor service or move on.  I did eventually circle back but I've switched plans to a few Favorites which I rotate.

How awesome the ladies can be..kewl.
There is no right /wrong answer.I will say sometimes "familiarity breeds contempt ."But then there are those that only get better as  they get more familiar with you.
Be sure to do the review tho ,as it always helps the lady,and it is a great way to show your appreciation.

If you really enjoyed your time then there's no rush to find the next best thing. You may want to repeat the experience few more time then venture out because a good thing is not that easy to find.

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