Las Vegas

"Las Vegas Sexy MIlf !!" You Can Tug My Hair and ...teeth_smile
Lovely Lorena See my TER Reviews 1620 reads

Be prepared Im  a"Milf" in public!!  
"COUGAR" in the bedroom!!!!(reviews for those that are TER members can read thoroughly)

Feel free to see my website for further details and about my sensational attributes..

Also, for those that want a really exciting time please book me with one of my three great duo sex kittens!!!
Nikki Avalon
Ashley Jade
Jenny Syn
they are all Puuurrfect!!
Lovely Lorena

see my website for my poolside retreat!!
topless welcome!!

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If you are looking for a little fun with a hot thirtysomething for a "Happy Hour" rereat..
Please see my websites and read my reviews..
I have been enjoying many a happy hour times with hobbyists lately and added this to my packages..
thanks guys and couples for enjoying this..

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well thank you ...
recognize the scenery?lol

What a reality check for me. Thanks for that!

Honestly, I hadn't noticed it, or much else.

What another great shot!  Very sexy. Paraphrasing Katy Perry, "you got my attention" Wondering what it would be like to meet you, or what  a duo of you and Nikki Avalon would be like???

we do have one review...(did two dates)
I can say this... She is a very special lady to me in the industry.. She has also been a great lady to me in many other aspects..
I guess you can speak with her to get her side or opinion..
I know you know many of the the beautiful ladies in Las vegas..
I would be honored to be able to share with you what it would be like with me or .. be like with Nikki and myself..
though when booking a duo with Nikki and myself please go through her ..(she is the in demand one)
I will always be there to do a duo with that amazing super woman...or my other friends..(Ashley/jenny)
You are a very revered man in this town(amongst sme ladies I know). The possibility of one day meeting you is an honor in itself .. Than add My mentor Nikki to the equation . thats NIRVANA!!
Lovely Lorena

Wow, thanks so much for your kind words!  Lets hope that one day we can experience Nirvana together!

lets see something to tug on ????
love the pics beautiful!


The soft pink lip gloss looks really good on you! Maybe one day I can taste it.  Thanks for the phone call last week. I really appreciate it:)

If you wanted to do doubles with me..
I love Blondes..
well, I find you to be quite the package..
everything I find sexy.. Blonde,light eyes ,great booty, intelligence, and the list goes on ..
so, Call me back pretty lady!!
you know the number..

KELLIESINZ494 reads doubles with you!

I've always admired your exotic beauty and our "Friend" tells me that you and I have a lot in common too:)

Keep it Sexy!

Yeah, this was a long time coming!

We've talked the talk, and next week we'll walk the walk!

I can't wait! ;)

How does that go?

"99 bottles of beer on the wall".....etc?????? ;-)

Uhhh, yeah! You got me! Thanks OSP!!! ;)

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