Read the review guidelines very carefully....
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and then do what Jaydalee recommends.

I suppose I should get VIP access and answer my own question, but I'm actually working on getting it via the free route...

Hi - newbie here, just had my first date (very nice time), and I'll be writing a review for her.  But I don't know just what I'm supposed to say - how much is too little, how much is too much.  It would be easier if I had some examples to go by, but they're locked down for VIP access.

Are there any reviews I could read, that have been untied from a particular provider.  Or some "sample" reviews somewhere?  I'm no porn author or anything, and I don't know how much I'm supposed to sound like one :-).

- J

OK, review guidelines it is.  I don't recall seeing those, but I imagine I'll find them if I look around.  And then ... sure, I'll just tell it how I'd tell if someone were there to listen :-)

- J

go to 'reviews'...then go to 'submit a review'..all you need to know are in the guidelines it carefully..hit the agree are on your way..good luck..

You don't have to get real graphic or explicit with your language, some providers really do not like that.  Read some of my latest ones to get an idea of how to write them.  I don't use explicit language, but you know what happened by reading the review.


swim is need to be graphic but make it juicy..not bland..the whole point is to give the reader a sense of what she is like to be with..admin will read the review and hopefully approve it..if they dont they will tell you what is wrong or what is lacking..after the first few you will get a sense of what to say and how to say will get the hang of it..we all do eventually..just be honest and express yourself..tell what happened in detail you she felt..only you will know if it is a good review before you hit that submit button..

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In particular, TER advises reviewers

-to describe the provider & the session in "graphic emotional and sexual terms."
-to "go for a blow-by-blow tell-all of your session with the provider from your own unique point of view."
-to make both sections four lines or longer

The longer version:

"The General Details section should contain generalized, broader comments about the provider and your experience. At this point, do not mention specific sexual acts or price; just give the members a tease. The Juicy Details section should be used to describe the provider, the experience, and whether or not you enjoyed the session in graphic emotional and sexual terms. Don’t make this space a recap of the General section. Instead, go for a blow-by-blow tell-all of your session with the provider from your own unique point of view. Remember, your opinion matters! Both the General and Juicy details should be at least four lines long or (preferably) longer."

In short, welcome to the world's largest community of amateur erotica writers! Congrats on joining the club! You have some fantastic mentors and veritable competition here!

Have fun, be creative, and let your juices/ink flow.

[or just list a few acronyms and throw in a few dirty words...whatever floats your boat...]



For more information, check out the Review FAQ link below:

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I agree with the last two posts that you do not have be vulgar or overly graphic. I for one look for something about the woman herself, along with a summary of the sex. Impressions and feelings are much more important to me than a mere smart of activities engaged in. Good luck

OK, found the guidelines and read your advice.  Thanks everyone for the help and my first review will be coming soon!

- J

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