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You have a PM. Check it, you don't have an asst. yet. (eom)regular_smile
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I have been thinking about hiring a screener/assistant and keep going back and forth if it is a good idea or not. for one I am horrible and checking my emails and never answer my phone unless i know a specific client will be calling.I love the idea of someone helping me screen,answering calls and setting my schedule but on the other hand I know a lot of my clients and i hold casual email hellos and updates now and then and I enjoy getting to know clients even by only a few emails at first so its not so impersonal on the first date and since i generally  only set an appointment or two a week not even sure if it would be worth it however i get a lot of emails ..I would love any opinions on this either by hobbyist or providers who have used screeners assistants in the past thanks

hell, I ain't even much of a gent , but I do have a couple thoughts.

[1] If you engage an asst you better be sure they are reliable. You are placing your welfare in their hands. You must be certain they are checking references etc....You need to be able to trust this person.

[2] Be sure to engage an asst that understands they work for YOU. Not the other way around. You don't want a velvet pimp.

[3] A good asst facilitates rendezvous. They are not gate-keepers. Some ladies lose a lot of biz because of poor attitudes by their assts.

Now...why don't ya drift out to DC to enjoy the cherry blossoms and we can continue this discussion!

This could be a possibility for you.
I don't know much about them, but perhaps if you are interested you could contact some of the gals that use them.
They do post on the LA boards.


You got 3.5 pages of reviews in 12 months and you're so overwhelmed you can't pick up the goddamn phone or answer the friggen e-mail; eh?

 Go ahead and let some disinterested stranger have total access to your illegal entrepreneurial business.
In addition I can add that for ME and most every other hobbyist I've come too know; bookers/assistants are an instant and major turn off when we make first contact.

 Illiterate, indolent, technophobic, BP and Craigslist twits NEED "assistants".
Are you illiterate?
Are you technophobic?
A BP/Craigslist advertiser?

Kinda narrows it down; don't it?

compliments of the  (DelusionalDivaDetector)

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that every executive who has a personal assistant is illiterate technophobic twit?

People hire personal assistants to deal with administrative tasks so they can you their time doing what they do best, in her case - fuck.

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