If they don't know any better...well, not much you can do about it...
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thats their choice whether or not they're aware of it. This is an adult only sport.!

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How to warn others when you know a provider is doing BBFS and has had STD's in the past.
What are the proper channels to warn others?

Did she give you an STD?  or is it something that you heard thru the grape vine?

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Unless you know first hand.  Meaning you were in the room and you saw the BBFS take place with your very own eyes and you saw the official medical reports stating std diagnoses.

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thats their choice whether or not they're aware of it. This is an adult only sport.!

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Let me rephrase that:  

"If you were a responsible and upstanding person, you would not make an accusation like this based on rumour."

Posted By: dinamohum
oh really??

and let your TER pals know what you think you know.

HOWEVER, unless you were the one doing BBFS and exclusively with her and got an STD you would only then be spreading rumors.

Perhaps you are confusing a providers rejection of you with wanting to get even with her?

I've had some fellas let me know via back channel of suspected issues.  And in the end I have to make my own decision based on the facts...NOT rumors.

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Of course there are those who love gossip and if you do, it's your prerogative to voluntarily give him permission, but he should not bother most others. If he has proof, he should post it on the local board. If all he has is rumors, forget it.

I just want to make the observation that lots of folks have had STDs in the past.  A lot of them are cureable, just as hey were in my youth...   The world changed with HIV but couples happily played unencumbered prior to that.   So just because she "had an std in the past" does not mean she has one now.
Now you are saying that this provider (std status unknown) is having BBFS sex.   It's not smart for any provider to do this (and you'd think that, having been through this once, that she'd be morecautions) but we all know that BBFS happens.  The adults here know the risks.  I have seen reviews where the offer of BB was made.   I think that is the proper place for such remarks.

Not smart to throw stones around here, and why share?  Your word against theirs...

Look at the statistics.  Fact is their are lots of providers & hobbyists whom engage in unsafe sex.  Let's not stop there we are all adults, so STD's are common.  If you conduct yourself properly, than you have no need to worry.  I am happy to be STD free, but that does not mean I should attempt to notify the board of all the providers I have seen at Planned Parenthood picking up their meds.

Good luck winning friends, and influencing the people here.  Providers should we start a board that lists the hobbyist whom have STD's, or engage in BBFS?

I don't care because I am not putting myself at risk.

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