London so I take it that you would be a Suckophant but not a Sychophant. EOM
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How do I get in with a upscale agency?  I want to move up in price.... how do I find an agency in my area that is upscale.....  I'm in the san bay area

I am sure that you can google some agencies and if you get on date-check or they would have a section here where you can look. I am wondering would you have any pictures and if so would you have them on a stick so that when you apply you can send them to them so you can get an expedient response. With respect to your 900+ that is something that you will have to work up to with reviews and with demand over time. Also you have to make sure that you market yourself to the specific clientele so that you can demand that after you display the skill set that will warrant and command that fee as well.

post on your regional board and ask the members if there is an agency they can recommend. that would give you a place to start anyway.

a ton that pop up in google if you simply put "escort agency" and the area. Pearl Elite is about the best I have heard of, but without a Masters they won't even look at you lol. Yah, hookers are now required to be educated to work with certain agencies vs. being dumb ass like us indies lol. A lot of people love Apres Vous, but their max is $500 per hour and you're giving about 200 back to them. You need one that charges 800-1000, and in Cali and NY I am sure there are many.

Dear Ms. Rayne:
I wonder what type of Men patronize the agency that you needed a Masters to apply to? Also keep in mind that at that agency it is no longer all about the copulatory activities but how well you have a command on certain subjects and how well you can move with the different crowds that you will be exposed to. I am wondering do they also take you to a fine dining establishment a part of the interview and concentrate on what you order. It is probably just like a job interview in the since they want to see if you will order something that has the potential to be sloppy. Also they want to see how well you converse and you command on certain topics and to determined how well refined you are as well.
Henceforth from that point on,then they know what their client is looking for and they can properly and accurately fill the order. Thus it pays to be a Ho in the know.

ever hire my ass ha ha. You have to kiss way too much booty on the boards, say and do the right thing even on your off time, bla, bla, bla. No freaking way. I am a hooker for the very reason of only being able to be nice for so long, and it's about to wear off so don't push it lol.

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Do your homework and research the top end agencies in your area. Contact them and let them know that you're interested in working for them. Ask some of your clients if they'd be willing to provide a reference that attests to your skills. Good luck!

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How do I get in with a upscale agency?  I want to move up in price.... how do I find an agency in my area that is upscale.....  I'm in the san bay area

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