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This I like! ;)

want to know if daty is on the menu, read the juicy details of the reviews. Also check the ter profile, however, the profiles can be inaccurate. When ladies market themselves as GFE, the first thing I do is look for reviews and read the juicy details.

Do a search on this board for "gfe" and you'll see peoples definition of gfe varies.

If you read the juicy details of reviews, you will know what's on her menu.  And there are about as many definitions of GFE as there posts about it, everyone seems to have their own idea as to what it means.


Yes, I would say that all, or at least most, providers who provide GFE will have that on their menu. But it's not mandatory that you DATY, if it isn't your thing. Of course, it's always appreciated ;)

you can read the juicy details to find out if a particular lady enjoys this activity. Some do and some don't and with some it is YMMV.

for me gfe is all about the whole expeience.  hugs kissing cuddles along with the sex.

You are so spot on. Everyone has their own illusions of what the experience is about, I really don't think we will ever be able to place a paticular set of skills on it.

if you are worried about daty..go one step up to pse..some providers offer both..check their websites..

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I dunno....

I think I'll be more comfortable with GFE.  Who knows in the future.  I think going straight to PSE would be like trying to do a Triathlon without ever biking of swimming first. lol.

For me, but ever provider has their own definition, or boundaries when it comes to this industry.

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