Some providers are flakes & some have ADHD & some substance problems.confused_smile
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It doesn't usually happen with well reviewed girls in most cases though.

In Las Vegas for a few days and was going to see a provider for the first time.  Set up an appointment for yesterday at 4:00, which ended up not working out with my schedule.  I emailed 5 days in advance to let her know that I wouldn't be able to make it and needed to reschedule.  No response.  Sent another email and no response.  Texted her the day of to let her know that I would not be able to make the appointment, and she responded that she had been sick for the past few days, and that she actually had me down for 4:00 today (4/25) anyway, even though she said it was yesterday in her email setting it up.  I said that today would be fine and gave her my hotel info.  No response (and I know she was on her email today because I can see the status on my gmail).  No show.  Phone off.  

Obviously this really pisses me off.  Is this kind of BS to be expected in this business?  I am surprised because the provider is very well reviewed.

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It doesn't usually happen with well reviewed girls in most cases though.

unfortunately things do come up but if a cancellation or rescheduling should come up it should be communicated to the other party.It could be possible that your email went into her spam folder and she never received it.But,even in this case she should be looking out for your response since she already knew you had to reschedule.Who knows what happened give it a little time to see if you get a response from her explaining on why she NCNS.Well-Reviewed providers make it a lot easier in this hobby but just because she is well-reviewed does not mean she will necessarily handle her business accordingly.
Maybe something happened to her medically since she did tell you she was sick either way you should have been notified if she could not make it by pm,email,phone#, or pony express...well you get the idea.
Sorry that happened to you

This is an unregulated and illegal business. You might have been bumped for a regular or a longer more lucrative date for her. It's part of the hobby, and things couldv'e been worse, she could have NCNS.
I hobby in Vegas and while there are great providers in Vegas who are very professional and keep appointments, this type of behavior in Vegas doesn't surprise.Learn to roll with it, remember the hobby is supposed to be FUN!

It was NCNS.  A scheduling error one day, followed by a NCNS the next.  If I'm going to get bumped for a more profitable client, that's business, but I think I should be told that my appointment has been cancelled not just stood up.

Sorry this happened to you but most of us are very professional and even if we were sick or something came up we would get back to you quickly to let you know if there was an issue with our meeting. Even very well reviewed doesn't mean anything anymore. Its about how they approach their business and respect for their clients.

I feel your pain. In the last month or so I have been running about 50 percent in terms of appointments that the ladies have kept. I had one new-to-me provider cancel by phone a few minutes after the session was supposed to start, with a creative but plauable excuse. Another new-to-me provider NC/NS me after saying she did not get my emails regarding a problem with my hobby phone (though she had my room number a full day in advance). Finally, a girl I've seen probably ten times NC/NS me a couple of weeks ago, but did email an apology the next day about a family emergency. To her credit, she offered to reschedule the next week and pick up the cost of the hotel room. However, as she also cancelled in Januray at the last minute, I've declined to see her for the time being.

For me, it's not the lost dollars in extended travel time that bothers me the most, it's the lost opportunities. I've got three school age kids, and it's hard as hell to get away without the SO calling to find out when I'll be home. Of course, if she would put out I would actually be home, but that is a different issue.

Ladies, where are all the good providers???

If you are getting NCNS'd that often, IMHO, you are not doing enough research.  Admittedly, shit does happen, but 50% is way too much.  Providers are real people, many with real lives outside the hobby (kids and family), and if they are quality providers will try to avoid NCNS.  However, getting bumped by a regular or a longer date for more money, is not unusual in this business.

Good providers are everywhere. and if you are diligent, you can find them.  Be patient, and do your research.


does NOT go Hand-in-Hand that they know how to run their business.... not at all.  

Case in Point:  there have been several NCNS threads on the MN boards in the past month about providers who have GREAT reviews.  but they have no clue how to manage their schedule and dont seem to have ANY regard for the time the client has set aside for them to be together.    and many many hobbyists chime in that, yes, oh gosh, she ncns me too......    

Doing research on Reviews is Great for performance,  but if you are going to a particular area and want to decrease your risk of NCNS I suggest:

1) Ask on the Local Boards if there are any past NCNS threads with a particular provider that you want to see  (that is what I WOULD DO if I were a hobbyist, as I would be mad as hell if I had something set up with a girl and then they NCNS me....  ;)   Trust me, if there is, there will be lplenty of guys there to tell you about it.   which is a good good thing.

2) try to stick with Provders who are on reputable screening sites.  Sites like for instance are not lgoing to tolerate the providers treating their clients int hat manner.   Different regions have different screening sites I know....I'm just using p411 as a broad example.   funny thing is though, it takes the Clients to complain to the site staff about the ncns problems, for the site to possible sanction the provider.  p411 is great as it is FREE for the provider to have a profile on there.   which is unusual.  FREE.  but providers HAVE to respond to clients Appointment Requests within 4 days or their account gets suspended.  it takes the client to complain to the site though.  

Hope that gives you a little insight.

Once, I did write an appointment down on a different date.....   man, did I feel terrible.   luckily the client gave me the opportunity to correct my error without blowing up a board somewhere.    and I learned a valuable lesson in scheduling from it.  

good luck to you.

and/or plan C so you are ready should this happen again.

To be redundant with what someone else said, some providers are flakes.

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