How long does it typically take for a review to be approved?
TheHoundOfCullin 9 Reviews 1474 reads

Does it depend on how busy admin is? If I edit the review, will it take longer?

For the longest time 2-3 days was pretty certain, then a long spate of delays of up to a week occurred around 6 months ago, then suddenly after much complaining, some reviews were going up in just hours (Albeit with some real clunkers getting though.)

The last review I did, which was about 8 weeks ago went up in two days.

the pizza wouldn't stay fresh when being delivered all that way.

Otherwise, I doubt it. Another option would be PM the mod. Oops, we don't have one.

..was less than 8 hours. The longest time for one of mine was a week. Most of mine have been a day or two.

You have only 2 reviews.  If you review a provider and it's her first review, there is a good chance yours will be held until she gets another one.  Generally, you should expect to have it posted within 72 hours.  If it isn't, you should contact admin and make an inquiry as to the status of the review.  I have written over 40, most of which have posted within a couple days, some as short as 24 hrs, you just never know.  Don't worry about it.  You can check the status of the review on your account manager, and if you can't tell anything from it, contact admin.


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