Providers - do you have a preference on what gentlemen wear on an outcall?
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This is something I've wondered about. What do providers like to see the gentlemen they see wearing? I'm asking mainly about outcall. I often have providers come to my hotel room and I've just showered but I always get dressed again before they come (like I'm going on a nice date). Do providers prefer a towel or bathrobe fresh out of the shower? Assuming fresh and showered, business casual?, shorts and t-shirt? or jeans and sneakers? Does it matter as long as we're fresh, clean and tidy?

Although if you are going to dress in drag (yes I have had it happen),  I would like a little heads up before you open the door all dolled up.

is that the gentleman be dressed in a manner as if he is meeting me for a Date. which is what he is doing.    I love the act of undressing him after we get comfortable with each other.   Coming into a hotel room, and finding someone in a towel feels awkward and a bit off balance.  

If you continue to do it like you have been, you will be "normal" and very well received.  

Personally, a man in a suit is super,  super hot.....  and I love loosening a tie.....

Its the surprise that intriguing when the gentlemen opens the door.

As long you are freshly showered with clean hygiene, I'm all in.

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