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Here's one suggestion.  Not sure how newbie friendly she is, but I can attest to how hott she is.

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I'm a very fit good looking man with impeccable hygiene in my mid fifties who was just approved as a Preferred411 member and was going to contact one of the newbie friendly ladies on p411 but was wondering if providers in their 20's and 30's will see someone my age or should I try contacting providers over 40?

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I'm a admitted horn dawg....been with 18 thru 40-somethings.  But I stick with well-reviewed ladies and most all are on P411!

Why wouldn't they?  Most providers like older guys.  Recommend over 30 to start with.  Other than that, go for it!


Exactly! I much prefer those over 35-40 range & will rarely see someone under the age of 30. The older guys are more mature & know how to treat a lady & more often than not, are great conversationalists.

Posted By: swimtrekr
Why wouldn't they?  Most providers like older guys.  Recommend over 30 to start with.  Other than that, go for it!


The following ladies' posts also confirmed what I said.


And you do not have to worry about whether you are in good shape and good looking or not. Be clean, considerate, polite and most providers will be happy to entertain you.

As swim said, there are good reasons to start with somewhat older providers. They will be more attentive to your needs, take you through things more gently as you learn the ropes, and usually be more interesting to talk to, but if you want to search for that perfect cheerleader you lusted after in high school. join the club. Odds are good you will be successful in living out that fantasy.

One thing you may find with some of the younger providers is that they do not provide real GFE service, are not that into it, and have a lot more restrictions on what they will do. While that may be about you if you are stinky, rude, or otherwise abusive, it probably is just how they roll.


Just make sure the lady is well reviewed. I suggest you try out different ages of providers.
Some guys like em young, others like the milf type some even like the gilf type. Eventually you'll find an age, and or body type that rocks your world. Many of us like the variety the hobby has to offer, so sample away. Good luck!

I agree 100% with what the others have said .
I will interject my .02 cents ..........
I am 45 fit and so on . I am a self professed gentleman as well . Being a gentleman is very important in this hobby .
The young ones look hot but just don't understand men as well as the 40 year old crowd . Its a generalazation I know . They can phuck your brains out , but sometimes the chemistry lags - trust me , the chemistry amplifies the journey 10 fold .
Yeah,  they are fun but just can't seem to instinctive " rock your world " in and out of the bedroom like the MILFs can and do .
Get VIP for sure if your looking for a young hottie - Hell , just get it - it will save you from some bad dates without doubt
Have fun !!!

I love the company of mature gentleman many providers do.In fact there are many who will only say mature gentleman only.You should not have any issue at all with seeing a provider due to your age.
Good luck to you!

You bet your sweet bippy they will!!

I've seen from 22 yr old to 45 yr old and I'm older than you.

What all the previous posters have said about be clean, gentlemanly etc. is all you need be concerned about.

Mature men are more respectful & experienced.

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Now I'm totally excited and can't wait to start "hobbying" with some of these beautiful providers here in San Diego.
I've seen Madame Patricia's website and read her vip reviews and she is smoking hot and I only live about ten miles from her but I don't think she takes newbies.
Other than the newbie friendly ladies on p411 are there any other newbie friendly providers in San Diego that will accept my p411 membership as verification?

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Here's one suggestion.  Not sure how newbie friendly she is, but I can attest to how hott she is.

Most men that hobby are in their 40's and 50's. They are use to that. Most girl will say, "Show me the money baby!" that's all that really matters. Girls don't discriminate on age. However, some have their limits, such as not seeing anyone over 80 years old.

I'm hard pressed to find one's that will see me because I'm so young, even though I'd like to think I'm somewhat mature for my age. Even then they tell me that their usual clientele tend to be more mature men.

If you are clean, polite and have the proper donation, you should not  have a problem seeing providers of any age. The opposite is much more likely. Young hobbyists have a harder time (as McDrill mentioned). Many providers won't see guys under 30 or 35.

....tbh yes character is most important BUT  seriously the older the better :-D

I prefer the older gentlemen. The older they are the better. Most older gentlemen appreciate being pampered and get delight out of new techniques.

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