Not more than an hour.
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I live in an area where there are plenty of good providers to see. Sometimes though as it is pretty spread out it takes an hour to cross the metro area. I'd gladly drive that. It's not necessary to drive for longer around here though. Like swimtrekr I'm single and retired so if I chose to take a little ride it's not a problem.

Is 2HRS a little to far to drive for a provider considering hitting 2-3 tollbooths there and back plus fuel how far would you travel to see a provider I think 1hr drive is enough for me but I don't know guess depends if she's a knock out 

My threshold is about 30 minutes. The thought of driving 2 hrs one way, and then possibly not having a great date or even worse a NCNS keeps me from making such long drives exclusively for hobbying.

However, I have driven to see providers in a major city south of where I live, it's just about 2 hrs away, but I always made the trip while I was there for business. Never was NCNS'd but did have some less than great times.  Didn't really bother me to much, at least I did some business while I was there.

Do you have the time? the money?

Is there a reason to see that specific provider?

Are you in an area where there aren't other comparable providers?

If it were me and it were the right provider, and I could say yes to the first three questions, I'd go in a heartbeat.

It depends on where you live. I happen to live in a smaller city and would often drive 2-3 hours to see a quality provider, but only if I could schedule a 2 or 3 hour appointment. Now, I have my ATF drive to see me, and reimburse her for the gas and the hotel, as well as a little extra for her driving time.

But I've got to say, if tolls and gas are of concern, perhaps you should reevaluate. I mean, I am averaging $1200 month for hobbying, sometimes much more if it is my birthday or Christmas, or I am traveling on business and want to hobby like a bunny. In this setting, gas and tolls are almost meaningless.

If you are in a relatively provider-dry area, you may have to drive farther than average to see some ladies.  Where I am, 2 yrs is not normally necessary, but I did once drive an hour and a half, but did a 2-hr appt with her due the distance, my only 2 hr date thus far.  I would not go that far for a one hour date.

On the short side, because my area is very spread out, I normally have to drive at least half an hour to an hour to see anyone.

It all depends on how bad you want to see her........


Regarding traveling to see a provider often depends on your marital status.  I am single, no girlfriend, so time is not a problem for me.  However, for many of the guys out there, the driving time before and after a date could pose a serious problem.  Disappearing for a couple hours might be doable, but 3-5 hrs might be a bit problem.

If you are attached, that will be a serious consideration for you.  What is easy for guys like me may be pretty impossible for you.  I'm trying to say is what is workable for me may or may not be workable for you.

I guess my basic rule would be not to drive more time one way than I will be there with her.


I do not think any provider is worth driving 2 years for!!! Where ya going??? The moon??? LOL!!!! That's a helluva lot of driving and gas!!! WOW WEE!!!!

Had to poke fun at your typo.. Made me laugh.. LOL!!! David..

I have one Fav that is slightly over an hour...  the only exception, currently.  If I had business there a combo might be easier.  

As suggested, it's hard to disappear for 2 hours each way plus an hour of play...  5 hours minimum, more with stops.

In my opinion, it depends on three things:
1) Your location. As swimtrekr mentioned, some areas don't have a lot of providers available. Some areas are provider rich. If you live somewhere like LA, Vegas, DC, NYC, etc., there is no reason to travel far, as there are tons of providers available nearby. If you live in a more rural area, or some city that doesn't have a lot of selection, you may have to travel to see someone.
2) How badly you want to see a specific provider. In this case, even if you live in a provider rich area, but there is a certain lady you really want to see, and she never tours your area, you may wish to travel to see her.
3) Your budget: Can you afford the extra expense and time involved to travel, added to the regular costs of seeing a provider?

one hour hour back..thats my limit..anything more makes it tedious no matter who it is..the hour there is filled with anticipation..the hour back with sweet memories..more than an hour..they both tend to fade very quickly the longer the drive is..

up to 3 and 1/2 hours to see providers in the nearest big city.  Seeing that the Mrs. is not interested in sex I am happy to travel any distance to get my pussy fix!

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I live in an area where there are plenty of good providers to see. Sometimes though as it is pretty spread out it takes an hour to cross the metro area. I'd gladly drive that. It's not necessary to drive for longer around here though. Like swimtrekr I'm single and retired so if I chose to take a little ride it's not a problem.

I'm in low provider availability area and the ones that are here are not pleasing to say the least. I am also in a small town and have been here for 34 years so the chances of running into someone I know are greater... I've driven 2 hours to see ladies...

There are always exceptions to the general rule.  You, DL11, are one of them, so you do what you gotta do, I would too.  Not the best situation, but sometimes we just have to make do and play the hand we're dealt.


it's no big deal to me.. I am in no position to hobby much now as is and I have not in many years but when I did I didn't mind the travel.. David..

is for business or pleasure.

One thing you don't want to do is have any cc bills for places you are not supposed to be. Gas gift cards work great for this.

For my local regulars, I travel between one and two hours.

But for some gals, I've flown cross country to spend a weekend with them.

Then there are a lot of in between type situationw where I combine two purposes, but probably would not have done the one without the prospect of the other.

I'm off to New York in a moment (4 hours) so see a traveling favorite who is there this week.

So I do a lot of driving and my clients sometimes do a lot of driving.  
Satellite radio is indispensable if you have to do a lot of driving!  

Yes, gas money, tolls, and a 7 hour time committment are needed to see this lady, but as one of my favorite ladies, yes, it is definitely worth it....

I started seeing her in 2005, and have seen her 2 or 3 times every year....

I also drive over 2 hours for my first doubles experience....


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