I used to go to strip clubs often until I discovered the hobby. What . . .
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can be said other than I prefer the sure thing for a fixed price rather than playing the stripper game.

I been waiting out for the right provider to come along on TER for me in the Pennsylvania area, my type of girl is like maybe mid 20"s since im 27 an don't care for the older side, looking for the blonde type real skinny girl, meanwhile is there any real way of getting laid by a stripper for like 500.00?? There's this hot blonde girl to die for an she's gave me a light quick 4 sec French kiss before even tho she was looking out, is there an appropriate way to ask her out?? Should I just leave the club scene alone an just stick with the providers who may do LFK, lap dance? Is there any method of calling this girl out it wasn't to busy in there today 

Ah yes, the age old debate. I've attached a thread on this topic. You can search on the Vegas local board and the GD board to find more threads on this topic.

Some guys like the chase that a strip club offers you, others prefer the sure thing of a well reviewed provider. Only you can make the decision. As I posted in the attached thread, I prefer the sure thing.

BTW, many escorts were strippers before they got into providing. In stripping the concept is to get as much money out of a guy as possible, kinda like a human atm. Escorting really doesn't work that way, yes they want you to book an extended date, and they like nice gifts, but there isn't the overt hard sell you experience in strip clubs.'ve asked this question before.  Well, nothing has changed, the answer is still MAYBE.  A dancer friend of mine once summed-up her job like this: "Our job is to make you think that we will go home with you, but we don't." Well, she was basically right though there are always exceptions.  The thing is you will spend a lot more than $500 trying to find the needle in a haystack that "dates" customers outside of the club.

Most clubs will not let a dancer leave in mid-shift, for obvious reasons.

I like strip clubs.  I've even gotten lucky a few times as far as getting OTC sex from a dancer but it was never a case of meeting a dancer for the first time and getting her to leave with me. It took months or, in one case, years.  If you want sex escorts are a much more expedient way to go about it.  Not to mention the fact that, no matter how beautiful a dancer may be, there is no guarantee that the sex will be any good or that there will not be associated drama.

you will spend a lot of time and money to get the average stripper to go out with you and fool around.  It's never a sure thing, whereas with an escort, you know exactly how much you will spend and how long it will take to get laid.  Unless you just like the challenge of trying to get the stripper in the sack, stick to escorts.   It's a whole lot cheaper in the long run and has a guaranteed outcome.


do a strip tease or work the pole or whatever type of strip show turns you on.  There are escorts who used to be strippers, hell there also might be escorts still working as strippers hanging around here.

So find one of those and you can have your cake and eat it too.

Exactly, many of us do strip shows for our clients, all you have to do is ask...its alot of fun for us also.

...thinking it would be easier with a stripper and maybe cheaper. Easier because you just go in a see them and pick one you like and won't have to go through references/screening and the like. Thing is you have no way of knowing if she will go and have sex with you. If she does it won't be cheaper. It will be more expensive. With a provider you do have to go through the screening process but once you have done that you know the donation and you know the menu, No wondering, assuming you have done your research and read the reviews. By the way the dancer that gave you that quick slip of the tongue was using one of their best tricks. Looks like it may have worked. It may indicate she will do more but most likely it's her come on to get your attention and your money.

can be said other than I prefer the sure thing for a fixed price rather than playing the stripper game.

I am a PRO talent scout & half my talent starts in the club.  Man up, grow a pair, an ask the gal already.  I am sure she would love to make a quick $5!

Okay, so you find that ONE chick in the strip club that you wanna see after hours and you don't know how to do it...  Here are a few ways that have worked for me.  Keep in mind this is for giving donations for their time, not just out on a date.

1.  "I have a hotel room near here, not sure if you ever meet customers after hours"
2.  "I feel like shit for asking this but do you ever see customers after hours"
3.  "I know you probably don't but do any of the girls here see customers after hours"
Number 3 is my favorite and most reliable.  It says to them that I am not threatening but interested.  If they do they will let you know usually, and if they don't they are usually pretty cool about it.

Another tip is to go to strip club review sites and look around.  You'll see somethings said in code there.

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