did i give out too much info?
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i have booked a session with a well reviewed provider on this site-top 100, as part of the verification i gavemy real name and place of work. was that stupid? will it come back to haunt me?

no are fine..she requires it..she will destroy the info anyway..if you want to see her do as she says..she is just protecting herself..

You shouldn't have anything to worry about. She is well reviewed, Top 100 she wouldn't be there if she messed with guys after having their verification info. It means she cares about being safe and in turn is sure you will be safe too. This is why the advice constantly given here is for newbies to see well reviewed ladies.

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"well reviewed" hold no promise of safety!  I've seen buddies of mine run into a varity of problems with
"well reviewed" ladies which is why I don't follow these foolish rules!

of problems. I won't argue case by case with you. But if you are suggesting that seeing "No review" ladies is just as good then you are being irresponsible. Sure shit can happen anywhere.
But is it better to see a well reviewed lady especially when starting out? Yes.

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Incorrect.  I've never had a problem and seem to end up with a better quality provider
Not to mention that seeing these long lists of reviews on a provider makes me see her as a human cess pool. No thanks! Low key, low volume and private has served me well. On the flipside, I've seen too many people get sucked into the drama with jealous, unstable providers and it becomes an open book on forums like this. Again, this system leads to trouble and unwanted attention. No thanks!

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of problems. I won't argue case by case with you. But if you are suggesting that seeing "No review" ladies is just as good then you are being irresponsible. Sure shit can happen anywhere.
But is it better to see a well reviewed lady especially when starting out? Yes.

i hate to be the one to break these simple facts to him:

1) Number of new clients accepted by mid to high level established reviewed provider is most likely lower than number of one night stands had by an average bar fly or number of "auditions" done by a girl on sugar daddy sites

2) those ladies who make companionship their business take their health pretty seriously

3) p4p is p4p is p4p.

But hey, if having reviews and website makes every lady here a human cesspool, he probably should not even be on this site.  god known what germs could jump at him from his computer screen.


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Because he's writing a book on people who are addicted to online sex boards (AND because he's RIGHT!)  sheesh!! opinion.  I really do wonder why you are on the site at all then.
While I won't argue that your expression of your experience is wrong (obviously I have no way of knowing) I will say my experience and that of others I know does not support your opinion. One thing we do know in the hobby is YMMV. So I won't bash the way you do things. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't bash mine.  My way has worked quite well for me. I've seen a lot of providers, I've never been bait and switched on. I've never been robbed. I've never had a session that was lackluster. The donation was always as stated. The place was always clean and neat and safe. I attribute this to taking the time to research not just dumb luck.

I imagine you have some system that works for you. Possibly you could share it with us. It might be useful for the newbies and veterans alike. Simply bashing with nothing to back what you say is of no value.

Chances are that everything will be fine, but if you piss her off in any way or give her unflattering review it will come back to haunt you.

No information is destroyed.  Ever.   Any text message, email, gmail chat, yahoo message, PM they receive they keep.

You'll probably be ok, but there are always risks involved in the hobby. Only you can determind what risk is acceptable to you.

You need to establish yourself in the community by seeing providers writing reviews and being white listed and/or getting ok's on P411.
Once you've seen a few providers and written a few reviews and have references you should NOT have to give out your real name or place of work. Your hobby persona should be enough so that you can see well reviewed providers without giving up personal info.  

BTW, the previous post about info being destoryed I will agree with to a point. I continue to get emails from providers that I haven't seen in years. So make sure you have a hobby email address and I'd also recommend a hobby phone as well, especially if you have an S/O or stand to loose a lot if your hobby activities are discovered. Good luck

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yes it was stupid and if you ever make her unhappy chances are she will in some way use it against you.
never ever give out this info unless she wasnts to start offering up more personal info herself!

Mutual respect it's kind of, like seeing a Dr. there is a confidentiality clause it's just invisible.

I would use a hobby phone and never give out your work info.  The less things can be traced back to you the better.  I think phone conversation is safer than email or text messages, which can always be retrieved by LE as they never truly get deleted.  Think about it.  When you delete files on your computer, do they really disappear?  No.  With the proper software, you can recover stuff you deleted a while back.  Same thing goes with emails and texts.  They're available through phone companies and your mail server client if needed by LE.  Best to give out the minimal amount of personal info for safety reason from LE and disgruntled provider or pimps.

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