Hobby phone question
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I am wondering if anyone can recommend a hobby phone that I can buy completely anonomysly. I read some suggested trac phone but I read their site and it stated to activate you need to provide your name, social, dob, address ...  

Any advice would be appreciated.

I would try Virgin I gave the store a false address with a false name when they set it up and paid cash. They didn't check to see, but it your call. Now that I think of it kinda funny that I chose 'virgin'.

Buy the phone with cash, buy the minutes with cash, go to a public library and use their internet to register the phone (i.e. no IP address to trace) and use whatever info you want to register it with (just make sure you google the name before you register it because some ladies will check a phone number as part of the verification process and you don't want to fuck-up and register it under a name that's going to be a problem for you).

Good Luck!!

Thanks for the response. I am gathering that I can register online with fake info. But I think you are suggesting to use my real name in case a provider checks a database somewhere where they give you owner details.  Couldn't I register with a fake name too and a provider or their assistant would recognize the importance of having fake info connected to a burner?

what I'm saying is before you decide what "fake" name you are going to use, google that name and make sure it doesn't belong to someone with a lot of negative info out there on them or to LE or something like that.  

Depending on what methods a provider is using to verify and screen, some of them can view the registered name of a phone number.  If that happens and one of them asks you about that you can just tell her you registered your phone under a fake name.

every couple of years with cash, register the phone on their website with a fake name, address etc. and "top up" online every 90 days with a $20 card bought with cash. I think they use the Sprint network so the service is good.

Keystone thanks man. What is your thoughts on using your real name or fake name when registering the phone ?

Just be sure you use one that isn't some real dude's name.  That could prove to be a problem for him.


name of one friend and the last name of another and combine them.

YW, KK. that's a good idea, but what if that makes up someone else's real name?


When you get to the screen asking you for name, etc., scroll to the bottom and there's an option that says "skip this step". I did it and never gave any name or other info.

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