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Jan 31st or so.  Wanted to give a shout-out to my friends in OC.  More details at the link below/M&G board.

Found a good, relaxing, and capable (at least capable in handling a group of sexy people) in Mid City area.  I've been here on a number of occasions and have always fancied their food.  Cannot share anymore than that until I send out the final invite details prior to the event.

Will be working with the owner on setting up the dining option.  Possibly a prix fixe, since it'll be the most cost-efficient.  More bang for the buck!  Budget might be higher, but I'll solidify it by next week.

Let me know of any dietary restrictions.  I cannot guarantee it'll work out, but I'll try my best.


"Dietary Restrictions" your so thoughtful BP, I love that!

I'm on an all "YOU" can eat diet by the way (wink wink) lol

See you then ;) I cant wait


Haha, I better put on my bib before I dive in. ;)

I am scheduled to be in Hawaii and will have to switch my flight. I love your Lunch Socials and how could I miss an opportunity to see you again...

xoxo Jezebel

VERY hungry for a lunch in the OC area!



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