I would not mind those on her.....eom
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I'm meeting someone on Friday. At my office, Friday is jeans day. If I leave my house in normal work attire on Friday morning, it'll be noticed. As it would at work too.

Seems like I read on the forum once where someone said wearing jeans to a date is inappropriate? Really? Even with a dress shirt and nice shoes? I really don't think she's going to care.



not working I wear jeans - whatever, anything but a suit and tie.  Rarely have I ever been very dressed up when meeting a provider and I have NEVER had anyone say anything to me about the way I was dressed.

As long as you and your cloths are clean and the envelope appropriately attired (on the inside), your golden.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene!!
My clothes are coming off soon, so wtf does it matter.
I'm not saying to look like a bum though, even then, if i was clean, who gives a rat's ass.

with a sport shirt, a nice belt.  Tie off after work.   On the other hand, nice slacks but less than auit could work for casual Fridays.

as long as they are in good shape and clean.

It seems to be sneakers that drive some gals crazy.

Of course, you have to take into account the gal you are seeing and whether you are going out anywhere afterwards.

I think if she were the $1000+ type with a room at the Four Seasons, I'd dress up a bit more spiffy than with the $200/hr gal who is at the Best Western.

Both can be great, but different situations sometimes call for different dress.

As long as your jeans are nice and clean why would jeans be an issue?The only time I can see jeans being a problem is if you were going to a dinner date or show that requires more of a business casual attire.
IMO,jeans with a nice dress shirt and shoes is just fine for an incall or outcall.
I am not the fashion police so I could care less if he has jeans or tennis shoes on as long as he is clean after all the jeans won't be on for very long!lol

I have worn something akin to what you describe often. It has never been an issue. There was a thread a while back and most said wear casual slacks or dress pants but jeans are fine. As the others stated unless your going somewhere more formal wear the jeans.

When it's hot, I wear shorts.  When it's not, I wear jeans.  The only exceptions are weddings and funerals.  If I know that the provider and I are going to an upscale restaurant to eat, I would wear dress slacks.  Otherwise it's jeans or shorts.

Shoes?  Hot weather it's flipflops, cold weather it's sneakers.  So far, no complaints from the ladies.


Shorts are appropriate, as are jeans. If anyone wore a suit here they would be laughed out of town. Here is another issue where regional location makes a difference, and sometimes general answers on a national board, are not universal.

Clean, decent clothes, appropriate for the area and occasion, is what is important.

They're not cut-off above the knee, and the whites of the pockets aren't visible.

On the provider! But if a hobbyist shows up like that, the lady might deadbolt the door!

Well if a he looked that good in those cutoffs, I would have a big smile...until the cutoffs were on the floor! Then yikes!!
But wait a minute, aren't you the one from the city where the number one provider is a TS??!!;)

based on her (his) scores those that have visited with her (him) have been very happy.

So if you do visit with her (him)...just tell her (him) to keep their pants on...and maybe you wouldn't know the difference?

Not my cup of tea...but to each their own!

You should be fine. We understand the need for discretion and the importance of blending in. Sometimes jeans are the best attire for that cause.

And I agree with what one poster said, we'll be naked soon anyway!

I wear my jeans and depending on the season a Polo shirt or a nicer sweater type shirt.

But I always wear sneakers...ALWAYS

But to each their own...and thus far haven't once had any gal NOT be "thrilled" to see me (well..actually my friends Ben) again.

This isn't a dating site.  It's P4P...I pay and we (maybe not you as I would have my sneakers on and you would probably want me to leave?) play.

Pretty easy formula!

And just for grins...I've yet to take a gal to a "finer" eating establishment and have any restaurant say..."sorry sneakers".  To tell you the truth...I expect to have my sneakers on in my least those are my last instructions to my survivors :)

Last time I checked as long as my AmEx card was loaded...or the color of my money was green...we were ALL good to go.

My death wouldn't be complete without a clicker in my left hand..and my right hand tucked in my jeans pants.

Anyone who knows me would see exactly the fella they've always known.

And if any gal wouldn't see me just because of that...too bad for them.  Their loss :)

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Wearing shoes at all, for that matter. Never had a complaint. Not only are the clothes coming off. The shoes are coming off too, and first! If someone doesn't want to see me because of my shoes, I don't want to tsee them! In Hawaii, we don't wear shoes in peoples homes. You take off your shoes at the door. It is much easier if you are wearing flip flops, which we actually call "slippahs" here.

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