Harbor View nailed all the key points. Cut your loses, get VIP, and . . .
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do your research and you too can enjoy the company of some of the lovely providers who are reviewed on TER.

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It’s amazing what desperation and horniness will do to a man’s common sense. I’m in a situation I don’t completely understand. I was contacted by a girl from an adult personals site I’d recently joined. We exchanged pictures over email. She was cute, it was like, hey this site worked afterall. We then started talking on yahoo chat.

She wanted to meet up, but said I had to verify her. She sent me links to some sites I had to sign up and join. I thought hey, its worth signing up to some BS website I’ll never visit just to convince a chick to F* me. Somehow I didn’t ‘sign up right’ and it didn’t verify her. I got a refund from the site, so I guess it’s no big deal. Then I find, there’s an easier way.

I can book her for a fee. At this moment, I realize she’s a provider, even though I didn’t know that was the proper term at the time. She asks whether my or her place. Her phone area code is from another state, but her place is pretty close, close to the area I listed on my adult personals site. She gives me the address but not the door number. I give her my full name, but not my address, so I guess it’s no big deal.

I had to pay in advance through the internet, which should have sent off alarm bells. Since I was too excited to think straight, I didn’t bother to do any research to see if this was standard practice. If ya haven’t already guessed, I’m a newbie.

I ask if shes ready, no response. Ask several more times, no response. Couple hours later, ‘Sorry, I got injured.’ Meaning she’ll be out of action for a while. At this point it’s starting to sink in that I’ve probably been scammed. It’s only Starting to sink in, because I’m still desperate and horny.

I could have let it go, but I’m curious. I thought by playing innocent I could get more info out of her. I told her the next day, tell your friends about me, to see if I’d get credit for the money I’ve already given. I talk to her friend, on yahoo chat. She signs in on yahoo chat. She says she’ll be out of action for a couple of weeks, but I can meet her friend now, and when Shes healed I can have both of them. It’s a one time fee, so apparently I have them indefinately. Not counting tips each session. Her friends phone and address is the same as hers, conveniently.

After asking both about the credit, her friend says she will ask their agency. Turns out, I’ll get part credit, but pay exactly the same amount for her friend total that I paid for Her originally. I asked if they or their agency is on the TER or p411 website, and was told the agency is discreet, they want to protect us and the clients who wants to book us. The agency is related to one of the sites I was originally asked to join.
I’m glad I experienced all these red flags at once, instead of them being more spread out and me getting ripped off more often. If nothing else it can help other newbies recognize the warning signs. It’s amazing how many red flags I was able to identify in my own situation just hours after joining this site. For those of you keeping score at home, it’s 23 red flags. If I fully embellished the story, it’d probably be more.

So what should I do at this point? I haven’t outright called them a scam to their face, as that would prob kill any chance of getting my money’s worth, and could make the agency want to blackmail me as they have my full name already. I’m thinking of testing them and waiting a couple of weeks to meet with the first one, as there’s no way in hell I’m giving them more money before verifying them. I’d like to think they’re a legit agency that uses Extremely Shady Practices, but I know most people who get scammed think that way. It’s a TOFTT situation. Sorry for the long post but there's a lot of important details. I share this not to ridiculed, but to help other newbies avoid my foolishness. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

No offense ..but DAMN really.Only 1 been played in this little situation is you.Suggest you clean out your ears, close your wallet and if your not vip get a membership and if you pay attention ,follow direction you just might get laid.

...going to complain to that a woman was supposed to have sex with you for $ but ripped you off?

Be thankful it only happened once and you learned your lesson.  Be thankful you found TER and can do your research here.

is if you can name the site on here so as to warn others.

Short lesson:   Don't pay in advance, and use only well reviewed providers.

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Sorry to be up front, but you'll probably never meet them. I know a handful of individuals that got taken the same way, except they kept falling for it, to the tune of $1000's of dollars, before they realized they were getting taken for a ride.

Many times it's through the "dating sites" that these types of scams are run. You might hear next time, that you need to send $ in order to secure the appointment, or some other BS... but there's a 99% chance you will never meet these ladies in person unfortunately.

That's a tad conservative...don't you think?

OP...move on to getting your VIP and read some more.  Read until you can answer every question correctly.

Then go and see "well reviewed" gals...ONLY!

Consider your loss as the "entry fee" into P4P...and don't even think of trying to see it again.  Many unscrupulous folks play here (on both sides), and are a heluva lot better at this "scam" game than you'll ever be.

In addition to what you read above, I doubt the photo you were went is honest. So when you say "she was cute" -- don't believe it! The photo was part of the scam.

There are plenty of legit providers around. Use TER to search in your area and only contact a provider with multiple reviews.

that doesn't know about TER. I am new, and my first experience was 50/50 on getting beaten up then robbed, or laid.
     I was lucky because the first provider I met was real, saw my stupidity a mile away, and showed me how to do this safely. It gets better every time!
The people on this board really know what they are talking about, so don't be afraid to post questions here. Keep an eye out for their usernames.
As a newbie myself. I don't do the agency thing. Independent, older, well reviewed gals are all I see for now. It is safer in my opinion. Plus, they are usually more tolerant to newbie mistakes.
    Try to know the reviewers of the lady you choose if possible. Look for other reviews they have made. Cross reference. If you get VIP (I have not yet) you can PM the guys.
The General Discussion Board has bitch slapped me a couple of times, but an important point was always made. So if you are going to post there, thick skin is a must.
I learned a good catchphrase there.
    Think with the big head!
Good luck and enjoy! But never call or answer that agency again. Think with the big head.

Drop your efforts to get in bed with the women that you're communicating with. Pray that you didn't use a credit card while signing up on the sites that the woman sent you to. You may find that you are a victim of credit card scam. Get a TER VIP account, use the review search engine to find legitimate providers.

and you know the rest of the saying. Consider the $ you've lost, a cover charge to the hobby. Now if you do this correctly, there will be no more cover charges.  Read the "self help center" upper right hand corner of the main newb page. And remember TGTBT is definitely in play when it comes to the hobby.
Learn about google/images and tineye they help you verify pictures.  I could go on and hand, but I think you get the idea.

Your bank will be only too happy to provide you with a new card if you think your account was compromised.  
Forget about getting your money back...  not happening!  Everything they propose invoves sending them more of your money.
In general this is a Cash on Delivery business.  You don't pay until you are in the room with the girl.  Even then there are scams possible...   Not possible to list every scam but we gave it a shot

Newbies should see well reviewed providers.    Read the self help section by the life saver & read back on this board several pages until you can answer every question without looking.  

Anytime you give a provider money...  even if it's an advance or a loan...  best to figure you'll not get it back.  Some guys have been lucky (and been repaid) but the boards are littered with the guys who thought it was going to be worked off & the gal was suddenly unavailable.  This is not to say I'm a heartless b@stard...   if a Fav lady needs money, I do my bit by scheduling an appointment at my convenience...  which I would have done anyway.  

I hope you didn't get taken for too much.  Write it off, learn the lesson.   I remember the first time I got bucked off a horse...  I said "That didn't work"  Learned my lesson & did things differently from then on.
Best Wishes,

OMG... I forgot about that. Yes, either watch your CC VERY carefully, or just cancel the one you have & get a new one. I know someone that tried meeting several gals through these dating sites, & used his CC to "get verified"... end result, they ran up his CC to HUGE amounts, & he had to file for bankruptcy.

do your research and you too can enjoy the company of some of the lovely providers who are reviewed on TER.

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This has been a learning experience. Sometime you gotta hear it from others before you fully acccept it. After the fact it seems so obvious it wasn't legit, but at the time you wanted to believe it could happen. This world ain't based on what we want to believe.

My 'entry fee/cover charge' was only a couple hundred. I made the payment through a legitimate third party site that specializes in sending money, probably to lull me into a false sense of security. I actually had to call the company to explain what the money was for, a nerve wracking experience. There have been no charges since this incident so it wasn't compromised.

The site the agency is connected to is The other sites I was directed to were,, and Needless to say, avoid these.

The name of the site is Obviously that is supposed to stand for "precious cams," but I find it mildly amusing that right in the name it says, "scams" :)

To the OP, I am not laughing at you. Sorry this happened to you, but you are not the first and won't be the last. I am glad it was only a couple hundred and not a lot more. It is a learning experience and sounds like you learned. Good luck, and I hope your next experience will be an awesome time with a well reviewed TER lady, that you will feel was worth every penny.

Every one of us is so adamant because we have all been scammed in one way or another...  typically early in the game before we learned better...  although the scammers are inventive, coming up with new.  
And there are some who think the lady they've known for years would not scr*w him over (as opposed to properly scr*wing him).   The stories are right here on these boards.  One guy has loaned money a few times and claims a 50% success rate (bargain was fulfilled).  But even that is a 50% failure rate.  

Are there exceptions?  Yes.  
An extended meeting like an weekend or week might require a deposit...  but one generally would want one or more preliminary encounters to ensure compatability.   A occasion which requires her to book flights for the meeting...  would be reasonable to advance the cost of the tickets or make other arrangements to pay for them.  Ditto, previous encounters.    

But the typical arrangement is cash in person.  It's best.

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