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I think the term ATF is often tossed around pretty loosely.  I think most people use it to describe their current favorite instead of their ALL Time Favorite.  Your ATF may have retired from the business 10 years ago and you might have current favorites that are great but in your opinion not as good as the lady that retired.

I just got had for the first time in a long time by a Rip-Off ROB. MY ATF left me high and dry in a rented room. I called this provider off backpage, and it looks like I got off easy compared to other gents here. She took my money and left. However her driver hassled other gents caused a scene and chased them through hotels. So to Taylor Reed on Backpage thank you for being such a rip off rob you made me register here! I cannot imagine being chased through a hotel by a "driver" especially if I were staying with coworkers in a hotel.

I'm hoping you are confused what ATF is... All Time Favorite.  But if you're not, glad you raised your standards and came here!  You should be able to find a true ATF here.  Welcome!

His atf left him high and dry, she didn't show. So  he called this ROB provider he found on BP. Two different ladies, one is his ATF the other is the ROB. However, if his ATF pulls this stunt again, she may be demoted.  BTW, I've had favs do the same. Life does get in the way of the hobby every once in awhile.

ahhhhhhhhh - cancelled on and robbed - nice!

Two things. First the reviews of her suggested a ROB to begin with so why did you make an appointment!

Next I think TER reviews are very important in making the right decision about seeing a provider. However my new review of a provider who did not provide was rejected BECAUSE she did not provide. WTF!
Isn't this the very thing this board is suppose to warn people against.

Those of us who have hobbied in orange county prior to ter d know that it was considerably worse back then. stick to the tried and true and you will be fine.

I am glad to see that TER provides a way for gentlemen to research a provider before seeing her. It is necessary to feel comfortable at the beginning of a session in order to have a really good time. Don't you agree?

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